Preschool Music Classes

Mini Beethoven’s Music Group

Curriculum written & taught by Cristina M Brady

Mini Beethoven’s Music Group’s curriculum is geared towards preschool children 3-5 years old. At this young age children soak up information quicker & easier than adults. The core of this program is designed to grow and develop at our young musicians’ pace. Taking music lessons early in a child’s life has many developmental benefits.

1. Math– Music and math go hand in hand. Students will learn beats and rhythm. They will learn to recognize patterns, add, divide, etc.

2. Social skills– This class allows students to interact with other kids their own age. They help each other progress, they have fun doing crafts, singing & playing, and all while they are learning!

3. Classroom etiquette– Students will to learn how to sit in a table setting while they complete their crafts. They will also learn how to handle instruments and hold them in the proper position & listen to their instructor. All of these factors prepare them for a school and private music lesson setting.

What to expect in Mini Beethoven’s Music Group

In the group classes, students will learn beats & rhythm, how to sight read music, & music theory. They will also be exploring with different instruments, and learning how to play them in a group setting. Beginner piano and the recorder will also be taught. There will be live performances so that family & friends can enjoy viewing what their children are learning. This class will prepare your student to advance into private lessons and/or other musical pathways and they will be coming in ahead of the average beginner. The best thing is that IT’S FUN! Children already enrolled in the class are showing great musical strides as well as having a blast! ​They will be singing different songs & doing crafts in addition to learning the instruments.


We will be learning to play with rhythm sticks, egg shakers, sleigh bells, percussion triangles, kazoos, piano/keyboard, & more! All students will learn some beginner piano songs and the recorder before the end of the course.


Discovery Schoolhouse            $45/month (parent pay)         Instruments provided in class

WCF/Preschool Group              $70/month                                Instrument kit $30 (1 time fee)

Discovery Schoolhouse parents are encouraged to pay at the Payment Center tab above and/or enroll in auto pay. All major credit cards & PayPal are accepted.